The Protests

On Monday 26th there are protests across the U.K. to call for the potentially life lengthening drug Orkambi to be made available on the NHS.

Currently half of those with CF die before they reach the age of 30 but let’s act to make that a little longer.

If you can go to the protest it would be wonderful (people with CF can’t go because of the risk of cross infection)!

If you can’t go, sure why not take a bit of time to send an email to an MLA or MP, who knows, it might be your letter that makes all the difference!

There are templates to guide you and info about the protests at the link below:…/lets-protest-for-orkambi

I know this is a hassle, we all have very busy lives, but I know a certain little man that would be so very grateful if you could. Any questions, fire away!

Love Jen



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